About Us


About Us

“We recognise that not all GPs and their practices have the most efficient infrastructure or tools needed to manage modern General Practice. Our aim is to empower our clients and their practice with education, coaching, audits, protocols & IT solutions to allow them to manage and adapt to current General Practice, to facilitate change and to future-proof their business”

GP Solutions was formed to respond to the niche demands of General Practice from those with first-hand understanding and experience of this sector. Our executive team consists of a qualified General Practitioner with 10 years GP Partner/Financial Partner experience and a CIPD qualified Practice Manager with over 10 years management experience. Our clients benefit from our direct links and resources including specialist Employment Solicitors, Accountancy services, Partnership Solicitors and GP eSolutions.

Our wealth of experience combined with our breadth of knowledge across the clinical, business, administrative and managerial aspects of General Practice ensure we deliver outstanding results for every client.

Our service is more than providing advice, we immerse ourselves in your day to day, to provide you with the practical help and the tools required to implement effective solutions that are bespoke to your practice needs.

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